Donald Petrie

Donald Petrie

Director | Producer

A graduate of Cal State Northridge with a B.A. in Theatre, and

a graduate of the A.F.I. Director''s program, Petrie''s background

includes not only directing film, but also direction of a number of

local theatre productions and acting roles in major films and television series. The list includes the direction of two A.F.I. short

films ""Suburban Tragedy"" and ""Solitaire,"" film roles in ""The Turning

Point,"" ""Fort Apache,"" ""The Bronx,"" and direction for such stage productions as ""The Grapes of Wrath,"" ""Sweet Eros,"" and the acclaimed

production of ""The Lunch Girls."" Petrie is currently directing the

Los Angeles premiere of ""Gemini,"" opening in February at the West

Coast Ensemble and has in development a number of film projects. The

son of Director Daniel Petrie and Producer Dorothea Petrie, it is

obvious that the young Petrie has followed suit entering the entertainment profession at an impressive pace.