Yep, it's that time of the week again, when we tell you what to do with your lives, money, time etc. so sit down, shut up, and take notes.

But no, all joking aside, there's loads of great things happening around the country this week, so we felt it our duty to tell you what's on, and where. But we know you're busy with work, and...other stuff, so we, along with the help of AIB, have condensed it down to the best of the best so you have time to read it, and you know, go to them.

Kasabian | 3Arena / Mon 08 December 2014
Somebody hit somebody!

Basically I’m saying find a ticket wherever and whatever way you can. The gig is on tonight, pretty short notice, we get it, but by far the biggest gig in the country this week, and should easily be one of the best.

If you’ve been to an outdoor gig in the past five years you’ve probably seen them supporting someone somewhere, now you can see them headlining, and in a brand new venue, sort of.

Alan Davies | Vicar Street / Sat 13 December 2014

Davies is back in Ireland a part of his “Little Victories” tour.

Davies, the QI captain, Tuesday Club host, and star of Jonathan Creek, is only over for the one night, so if you miss this, hard luck. Time to start calling in favours people, begging’s good too.

The Hot Sprockets | Coughlan’s Live / Sat 13 December 2014
Catch the five-piece on their end of year tour, they’ll be playing Vicar street closer to Christmas, but for a more intimate show, plus a Saturday night out in Cork, head down to Coughlan’s.

Keywest | Roisin Dubh / Fri 12 December 2014
Sure it wouldn’t be a What’s On guide without mentioning Galway. The Roisin Dubh is home to one of best gigs in the West this week, Keywest. And no, that wasn’t some poor attempt at a pun.

David O’ Doherty | Whelan’s Fri 12 December 2014
Another funny man here, but he does tend to play a lot of songs on a miniature keyboard, so technically we can pass this off as a bit of music too, two birds with one stone and all of that.

Starting Friday, and playing every day all the way into the middle of next week, you’ve no excuse for missing this, you know, unless you just don’t fancy going. What happened to you? You used to be cool.