Electric Picnic may have grown into a beast of a festival since it first began back in 2004 , but one thing that has always been the bane of festival goers is the queue for the ATM machine.

You thought you had brought enough cash for the weekend but somehow ended up buying a round for half the campsite Friday night or ate one too many Pie-Mans at 3am and you are suddenly penniless looking at an ATM queue that could be fifty people deep.

Well no more, Electric Picnic have today announced the absolute game changing news that contactless payment will be available at this year's festival.

You can simply swipe you card at all the festival’s bars and at many of food vendors and merchandise stalls too.

Electric Picnic Festival's Melvin Benn added: "We are delighted to be working with AIB and Visa to drive contactless payments across Electric Picnic for the first time.

"We constantly strive to improve the experience and convenience of our festival goers, and we think this is the perfect partnership to encompass that ethos."

To help drive adoption of cash-free payments, AIB will bring the contactless theme to life via interactive ticket giveaways pre-festival, and a dating-themed contactless experience at the festival itself.

Full details of the #EPonTap campaign will be revealed on AIB’s social channels during the build up to the big weekend.