Are you a fan of Queen Bey? Do you know everything there is to know about Mrs. Carter, formerly Ms. Knowles?

But have you done an official academic course on Beyonce? No? You casual.

Students at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada is offering an undergraduate course in Gender & Performance, or as it's become more popularly known, the Beyonce course.

Professor Naila Kelata-Mae has said that the course will focus on "feminist theory, critical race theory and performance theory."

The course will also use her self-titled album as a central point of analysis and the surrounding context. "Beyonce usurped the entire music industry and all of its traditional practices when she released that album. She uploaded it to her Instagram account and made it directly accessible to her fans."

She continues on, explaining that the "30-second video clip on her Instagram account in 2013 was the only marketing that she did of that album and in three days it was No. 1 in over 104 countries on iTunes."

You've gotta admit, that's damn impressive.

However, it's not just analysing how well the 2013 album sold. The course also examines the relationship between capitalism and feminism and how Beyonce's unique blend of both correlates to modern women today.

"She’s created this space where she is able to do both: be a capitalist and be a feminist. The implications of Beyoncé in this space are wide-reaching and worthy of study."

Although this might seem like a bit of a stunt / joke course, Professor Kelata-Mae believes the study of Beyonce will be of benefit to students.

"I'd like students to emerge from the course thinking about Beyoncé and all other artists in different ways, and wanting to apply more critical lens to the work that’s being created."

Sign us up.