If you're a fan of Tupac Shakur, no doubt you'd love to own some memorabilia belonging to the rapper, who died after he was shot in 1996.

Well, how about an item of jewellery that he was wearing during a previous attempt on his life?

A 'bullet-dented medallion' that Shakur was allegedly wearing at the time of the shooting in 1994 - at New York's Quad City Studios - has gone up for auction via auction house Moments in Time for $125,000. They claim that an 'unnamed family member' supplied them with the medallion and asked them to sell it on their behalf - yet TMZ also say that Shakur's estate is against the selling of any of his personal items, and will file a lawsuit against anyone who buys or sells it.

Meanwhile, a gym bench press that Tupac used after his release from prison - as seen on the interview below on MTV - has also gone up for sale, but it'll set you back $100,000. The equipment was taken from Death Row Records' offices and sold when owner Suge Knight went bankrupt. 

Via TMZ/Uproxx