In one of the most Yoko Ono things to have happened in some time, the former Mrs. John Lennon has revealed that she is to install 'Wish Trees' at this year's Glastonbury festival.

Festival fans will be encouraged to write down their innermost desires on a scrap of paper and fasten it to these trees. After all is said and done, the wishes will be collected and flown to Iceland (seriously) where they'll be buried underneath the Imagine Wish Tower (still being serious here) in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Ono is at Glastonbury to perform with members of the band Yo La Tengo on Sunday at 6pm on Glastonbury's Park Stage.

In a piece for the Glastonbury Free Press, a magazine distributed on site, Ono said that she got the idea to perform at this year's Glastonbury after receiving praise for a small show she did in the Dalston area of London earlier this year.

She said: "Earlier this year I played two small shows in Dalston in London and another musician who came said to me that he would love to see me do a similar type of show but at Glastonbury. And I got very excited about that – so excited that when people were saying I should wait until 2015 I didn't want to wait that long!"

Having seen various snippets of Yoko Ono's performances online in recent times we have to admit that we're not that disappointed to miss her performance this year. In fact, we know exactly what we'd write on our wish tree...

(via NME)