Has Wyclef Jean completely lost it? The Preacher's Son would certainly suggest so - it's the worst album yet from the former Fugees star, and a real disappointment given the quality of what he's done in the past. He's still got the best contacts book in the business, of course, and the likes of Missy Elliott, Carlos Santana and Redman all pop up here in an attempt to help him get his mojo working again. The sad truth is, however, that cloyingly sentimental songs about life in the ghetto no longer carry much conviction from a multi-millionaire party animal who recently had a shark infested aquarium installed into his custom-built limousine. Just like his former co-star Lauryn Hill, Jean appears to have lost all touch with reality - and it shows in this embarrassing ragbag of ersatz reggae and half-hearted hip-hop. Best - and easily - forgotten.