The opening track on Wire Daisies' debut album is 'Make Everything Change'. The Cornwall quartet don't need to do anything that drastic, but they do need to assert their own identity a bit more. For too much of the proceedings here they sound like an awkward Frankenstein's monsters of lots of other female-fronted bands: the wailing vocals of the Cranberries, the introspection of Dido and the folky pop of the Sundays. That would be fine if all the elements gelled together, but most of the songs on Just Another Day float politely by without leaving any trace in the memory. On the positive side, every now and then they cut loose with a breezy pop tune or a light acoustic gem that suggests they really do have something special of their own to offer. Here's hoping that the second album will be more adventurous, because a voice as attractive as Treana Morris's really deserves better material.