It seems like only yesterday that we were watching him on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', but no Will Smith is in fact 50 today, and we feel like celebrating the man.

So in honour of the legend that has shown us the freshest of fashion choices, has kept us entertained at the movies, and provided us with tunes that always has us tearing up that dance floor, we give you our top five favourite songs that Will has graced us with over the years. Strap yourselves in to go down memory lane:

5. 'Switch' - It's hard to believe, but Will hasn't released a studio album since 2005's 'Lost and Found' of which 'Switch' is a track on. 

4. 'Wild Wild West' - Arguably a bit better than the movie of which it was the theme tune for, 'Wild Wild West' won the Golden Raspberry Award for 'Worst Original Song' in 1999. 

3. 'Miami' - Always played in the height of the Irish summer, 'Miami' was actually released in the winter of 1998, and features a young Eva Mendes cruising around in her convertible. 

2. 'Men in Black' - In stark contrast to the Golden Raspberry Award that he won in '99, Will won a Grammy for this absolute party starter for 'Best Rap Solo Performance' in 1998. 

1. 'Yo Home to Bel-Air' - If we put anything else other than this at number one, we might have a riot on our hands. Without a doubt Will's most iconic song was the title track of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', and you are guaranteed to know someone who claims to know all of the words, "now this is a story..." .