If you found yourself sitting on your porch or had a window open last night and you lived in Dublin city, there's a good chance you got a free Killers gig for your trouble.

The Las Vegas pop-rock outfit played the RDS last night and, if Twitter is anything to go by, the music went out right across the city. Going by tweets and reactions, it appears the music even reached as far as Rathfarnham in one instance. So, was it possible that the Killers were actually that loud or is there something else?

Our guess? Sound travels faster in hotter temperatures. If the temperature is -1 degrees celsius, the speed of sound can be roughly calculated to 330.4 m/s. At 21 degrees celsius - which it likely was last night - the speed of sound goes to 343.6 m/s.

Not only that, there's also temperature inversion to consider. Normally, the air closer to the ground is warmer than the air higher up. This means that the sound speed near the ground is faster than the sound speed in the air above, which causes sound to bend upward and carry further.

In other words, the sound is moving faster and travelling further - all thanks to the heat.

Science, bitch.