The rap game is a lucrative business - possibly THE most lucrative when it comes to making money in music.

You'll be aware that the list below was full of rich people, but did you know exactly how rich the biggest names in hip-hop are? Those fancy cars and bling jewellery don't buy themselves, you know.

Forbes magazine has totted up how much each artist has earned in the past year. It's no surprise that someone like Pharrell has had a big year, but to be honest, we're surprised that Dr. Dre is further down the pecking order than Diddy, given that his Beats empire was bought by Apple not too long ago.

Diddy, however, has a lot of strings to his bow - including a clothing line (Sean John), a TV network (Revolt), and a vodka brand called Ciroc, which allegedly brings in the bulk of his earnings.

The top ten can be seen below:

1. Diddy: $60 million

2. Jay Z: $56

3. Drake: $39.5 million

4. Dr. Dre: $33 million

5. Pharrell: $32 million

6. Eminem: $31 million

7. Kanye West: $22 million

8. Wiz Khalifa: $21.5 million

9. Nicki Minaj: $21 million

10. Birdman: $18 million


Make it rain, Diddy.