We're all totally over it by now, aren't we? The summery weather that is. According to Irish people who live abroad we shouldn't even have been whooping with delight (or complaining that it's a bit too hot) when it hits 25 degrees since it's like, a thousand times hotter in Oz, or New York or London or wherever they are, in the first place.

But of course we're not over it and nor should we be. Summer comes but once in a blue moon in this fair-weathered Isle so there's nothing for it but to embrace it. We automatically get that holiday-feeling anyway, especially when we realise we can leave the house without a jacket.

Festival season is well and truly underway, there are family-friendly days out in parks, the arts scene is in full swing - the whole country is a-buzz with summer festivites. There's no better time to become a tourist in your native land - why not branch out and visit a corner of the country you haven't been to yet? Or just stay where you are - there's bound to, no definitely, going to be something fun on in your area this summer solstice weekend.

Friday, June 20

What? Festival: Body & Soul
Where? Ballinlough Castle, Co. Westmeath
When? June 21 - 22

Let's face it - Body and Soul is the absolute best place to celebrate midsummer. As well as a storming line-up, there will be the usual magical atmosphere and everyone you bump into will be your best friend.

What? Music: The Hot Sprockets
Where? Roisin Dubh, Galway
What time? 9pm
How much? €10/12

The Hot Sprockets will be stopping off in the Roisin for the Galway leg of their Irish tour. They've been on the Late Late, supported The Strypes and are well-known for their memorable live shows - if you're not at B & S and you are in Galway City, this is well worth checking out.

What? Play: Girls Like That
Where? The New Theatre, Dublin
What time? 7.30pm (till June 21st)
How much? €12/15

What kind of girls are they referring to in the title of this thought-provoking new play? The kind that send naked pictures of themselves, that's what! But what happens when a pic of you in the nudies goes viral and there's nothing you can do to stop it?

Saturday, June 21

What? Music: Lowlek
Where? Cyprus Avenue, Cork
What time? 9pm

Look a the poster above - that's Lowlek. That explains it all. The alternative-funk collective from Cork City have carved out a distinct musical tone for themselves - their musical influences are as wide and eclectic as the sheer madness of their sound!

What? Sport: Dublin Roller Derby
Where? National Basketball Arena, Tallaght
What time? 11.30am - 6.00pm
How much? €10

Do something completely different this Saturday and head along to Tallaght to watch this extraordinary spectacle. It's only tenner in, there'll be lovely pies by The Pieman Cafe and an after-party in the Thomas House. Whip it!

What? Music: Smash Hits
Where? The Button Factory, Dublin
What time? 10pm
How much? €24.50

Think about 90s pop music and think about the summer. They both go hand in hand. The memories are flooding back! Our favourite song one year in Irish College was Backstreet Boys classic I Want It That Way. Janey mackers, nostalgia central. The Smash Hits - 90s Cover Band gig in the Button Factory is going to be just brilliant. Please let them do Len's Steal My Sunshine.

What? Festival: Sligo Loves Live Music
Where? The Italian Quarter, Sligo
When? From 2pm - late

This free outdoor concert will showcase a stellar selection of Sligo's musical talent across loads of different genres, with a particular focus on young musicians. There'll also be a busking event and a great atmosphere is guaranteed!

Sunday, June 22

What? Festival: Dublin Kite Festival
Where? North Bull Island, Clontarf
When? From 11am

The cutest festival on anywhere this weekend, the Dublin Kite Festival is one for the whole family. Kicking off in the am with a kite-making workshop for kids, there will be kite displays, competitions for hand-made kite and music from 98FM, Pure Magic and Kisses From France throughout the day.

What? Comedy: Comedy Crunch
Where? The Stag's Head, Dublin
What time? 9pm
How much? Free! And free ice-cream!

The Comedy Crunch takes place regularly downstairs in the Stag's Head. Really great acts Eric Lalor and Eleanor Tiernan are on the bill tonight and it's free, all free! And did I mention there's also free ice-cream? The perfect Sunday activity.