Noel Gallagher was previously reported saying that he would do one more Oasis gig with his brother Liam for "20 million quid". Could this be the amount of money they've been offered for Slane 2020?

It's been 23 years since Oasis first played Slane Castle in 1995, supporting R.E.M. They returned again in 2009, but this time was to headline. And now rumours are flying about that Manchester's best known brothers have been offered the gig for 2020. 

At the time of writing, there are tickets still available for Metallica who are playing Slane 2019. We guarantee though, that if the Gallagher brothers were to get back together for Slane 2020, the tickets would sell out within minutes. 

MCD Promotions have apparently offered the bickering brothers an undisclosed sum of money to headline Slane Castle for 2020. The brothers are not even being on speaking terms for years, with Liam quoted as saying previously that Noel was one of the "top five w*nkers in music"

There have been many rumours of a reunion between the brothers over the last few years, and if a hefty sum of money can't get the brothers back together, we don't know what will. 

It looks set to be a very tough task for MCD, if these fresh rumours are true, but having Oasis back together once again would be incredible. Some fans are remaining more hopeful than others:



Watch this space. Here's a reminder of just how good the lads were back at Slane in 2009: