The buzz around young Limerick band Bleeding Heart Pigeons has been growing in volume over the last year or so, with the trio impressing at various festivals including Body & Soul, Latitude and at Other Voices in Dingle in 2012.

Now, the Virgin Records-signed band are about to release their new EP 'An Hallucination', which comes with a pretty cool video.

As they explain, "We wanted to look at the human head as this weird thing that generates realities. So we got our friend Graham to help us shoot the video 18 times, and then we collaged all of the takes together into the one frame. In a sense, each segment is like an alternate reality of the same music video, all occurring at the same time."

The song's pretty good, too, it has to be said. The four-track EP's out on August 21st.

Watch 'A Hallucination' below: