There are Kanye West fans, and there are Kanye West super fans. And then there are Kanye West fans who can play every song of his on the guitar.

Jacob Brody falls into the latter category. A summer intern at website Reverb, the young man filmed himself playing along to every song in the rapper's back catalogue, splicing the 15-20 minute takes together for one six hour-and-forty-one-minutes-long megamix tribute.

"I learned most of these songs by ear and decided to record my interpretations," he said. "The camera only let me record 15-25 minutes so each 15-25 minute take was done in one attempt. There are mistakes... I know. I switch guitars because some songs are in different tunings. Some songs change keys mid-song."

Watch it below on Vimeo by clicking on the link:

Jacob Brody Covers the Entire Kanye West Discography on Guitar from on Vimeo.