Ed Sheeran's taken a break from the public eye as of late. Which is a good thing if you ask us. We'd reached peak Sheeran mania towards the end of last year and we needed a break from him as much as he needed a break from us.

There are times when you just see too much of a celebrity and they need to take a cooling off period. Are you listening Taylor Swift?

Anyways, proof that the cooling off period worked is that when Ed Sheeran was a the Grammys the other night to pick up his award for 'Song of the Year' we were just thrilled to see him again. He's looking great isn't he? Like all good mannered young men, Ed was quick to thank those that offered him the most support over the years. His parents. 

The only awkward thing about it was that when the camera cut to his parents' reaction were shown a shot of two strangers instead. 


Happy Mother's Day urrrbody

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Yeah so awkward moment for the director of the show on that front. To be fair though the two strangers who were on camera did Ed's parents proud. Showing an appropriate amount of pride at their "son's" achievement and also laughing at his joke too. 

Ed could have done a lot worse than those two for surrogate parents. 

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