With the release of the latest edition of the famous Band Aid song 'Do They Know it's Christmas?' to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original, there are now four different versions of the iconic tune. Here, they all come together in the most bizarre fashion.

Band Aid started back in 1984 with Bob Geldof & Co. (probably should mention Midge Ure here, to be safe) bringing together all the biggest stars to raise money and awareness for a good cause, and that tradition has continued periodically throughout the intervening decades with a few other renditions of the song. In total, there are now four, and Youtuber Jon Harvey decided that he'd put them all together in one mind-bending video. 

Harvey said of the video that it "was made to raise awareness of the Ebola crisis, and to create a Phil Collins vs Luke Goss drum battle, not for any profit", and encourages people to donate to the cause by text or going to the website to find out more

Harvey even throws in a free math lesson too: "Band Aid 1 + Band Aid II + Band Aid 20 + Band Aid 30 = Band Aid 53!". Rocky VII, Adrian's Revenge!

Via Us vs Th3m