The lead singer of American pop-punk band The Story So Far has come under fire for violently kicking a fan off the stage mid-song.

Parker Cannon and his bandmates were playing The Mod Club in Toronto over the weekend, when a fan climbed on stage as they started into another song.

When he turned around and saw her - and the fact that she was taking a selfie - he violently kicked her off the stage.

According to reports, it was the fact that the women was taking a selfie that riled him, as several other people had climbed on stage during the gig with no retaliation.

The band have not made a comment on the matter, although fans on social media have been criticising them for Cannon's actions. Others have defended him, with one fan writing on Facebook: "The kick was a bit much. In my opinion he had every right to shove her off. You go up on stage to stage dive at these shows, you linger and you get pushed off, by security, or the band. His kick was arguably too forceful and all that was needed was a shove forward onto the crowd, but some of these comments are just dumb."

The venue, on the other hand, has released a statement denouncing Cannon's actions and banning the band from playing there again. "On behalf of the venue we are appalled by the actions of the singer and do not condone these actions by anyone," general manager Jorge Dias said. "There was no report of injuries and the venue will not allow the band to play the venue again for their actions. I have never imagined and never seen anything like that at the venue in 14 years in operation. That was a very cowardly act."

Watch the incident below: