Paul McCartney - yes, the same Paul McCartney that was a member of one of the world's greatest bands and has written some of the best songs in popular culture - has embarked on a musical project which may surprise some fans.

The former Beatle has recorded music for emojis on Skype - known on the service as 'Love Mojis' - which are animated emojis made specifically for Valentine's Day.

They come with music, and it seems that Macca has written and recorded that music. So essentially, yes - Paul McCartney has written music for emojis.

He said on his website: "It turned out to be a great laugh at the same time as challenging because you suddenly realise you’ve got to compress a musical interpretation of an expression into less than five seconds. It was like doing a huge crossword puzzle and coming up with all these solutions. And at the same time it was musical so it was great practise for me in the studio.”

Watch his...err... 'process' on various instruments below:

Via Uproxx