Hozier's 'Take Me to Church' was a song that dominated the music scene in 2014, but it seems that not everybody is a fan.

Musician Chilly Gonzales dissected the song during one of his YouTube music masterclasses, and judged it to be a rip-off of Feist's 2011 song 'How Come You Never Go There'.

In fact, Gonzales thinks that the Canadian musician has enough proof to take a legal case against the Irishman, saying: "I'm being told by the research staff that Feist's track came out well over a year before Hozier's. Doesn't look so good does it? 'Take Me To Church'? Maybe Feist should take him to court".

He also draws parallels between the chords and the timings of the two songs.

Watch his video below - and then compare and contrast the two songs. Do you think he has a point?

H/T: NME.com