Heading out onto the stage at Glastonbury, Metallica felt like they had something to prove. After all, the thrash metal gods were at the centre of a massive backlash when it was announced they would be performing at Glastonbury. Still, after almost thirty years at the top of their game, they still needed to take everyone to school.

Playing the energy and vitality of a band half their age, Metallica lit the night on fire with thundering renditions of For Whom The Bell Tolls, One, Whiskey In The Jar and many more concert favourites. Metallica spoke before the gig about the petition to have them removed from the bill and said that "the fact everybody's got an opinion means people still care."

Metallica's blistering performance comes as no shock to life-long fans, however, as a large contingency of them joined the band on-stage during the performance. So did Metallica win over the sceptics? The online reaction looks that way. 

Here's Metallica performing Creeping Death / For Whom The Bell Tolls.