This Australian tour of Madonna's is throwing up all sorts of weird and wonderful (mostly weird, it must be said) headlines.

She has been criticised for taking the stage hours late (then blaming the fans for turning up 'early'), exposed a fan's breast on stage last week, and now she's been telling actress Gwendoline Christie (best known as Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones) exactly what she'd like to do to her on stage.

The slightly very cringeworthy exchange took place in Sydney over the weekend, when Madonna invited Christie on stage as one of her 'Unapologetic Bitches'. The pair allegedly pretended to have swordfight with bananas, then they part in a fake phone call (below) with the same bananas, which saw the actress say 'Madonna, I love you' and the singer replying 'I wanna f**k you'.

Oh yes, and there was some spanking involved, too.

Watch it below: