In a move that probably surprised himself, Kanye West discovered that he could not actually walk on water at a gig over the weekend.

The rapper was playing an outdoor festival at Swan Lake in Yerevan, Armenia last night when he decided to launch himself into a lake mid-performance. 

FACT reports that police halted the gig as crowds then began to swarm the lake in a bid to get closer to West. He performed six songs before his set was pulled.

The gig was being streamed live on YouTube, so luckily for you, there's footage of him running and jumping into the lake, microphone in hand.

Watch West's performance from the 45 minute mark below, while the lake-diving incident and the ensuing melee can be seen from 1:03:30.

Hope you didn't have your phone in your pocket at the time, Yeezy.

Here's a better view: