Are the Brothers Grimes growing up on us?

Jedward's rather peculiar working relationship with American Pie actor Tara Reid has continued, after the Hollywood pseudo-star gives a cameo appearance in Jedward's latest assault on the pop charts.

The clip, directed by Gordon Cowie, is probably John & Edward's most 'grown up' video yet - probably fitting, given the fact that they're now in their twenty-fourth year.

'Ferocious' is the second cut from the lads' new album Free Spirit, a album which doesn't yet have a release date.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding its release, John Grimes is excited for it to see the light of day - whenever that may be.

"Each song reflects a different mood and emotion, which our fans can associate with", he said.

"Over the last year we have gone through a transition as artists, we have had time to reflect about life and put those thoughts in our songs."

But they'll still jump around like eejits on stage, right? RIGHT?!