There are only so many reasons that you'd post a 15 second video of yourself singing Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s 'Relax' to Instagram really.

Katy Perry uploaded this video to Instagram last night hinting heavily at a cameo in the upcoming 'Zoolander 2', which comes with a cameo of its own.

Perry accompanied the video will the caption "FASHUN WILL HAPPUN 2.12.16. @Zoolander #Zoolander2" so we think that this, coupled with her previous statement last July saying she was filming "a little cameo in a movie", means she's a dead cert for the film. Whether or not she, like Beiber, will be a target of assassins targeting "the world’s most beautiful people" is unknown as of yet.

Will she sing 'Relax' on the soundtrack? Probably. Whether or not that's a blessing or a curse remains to be seen/heard.

Via Instagram