How did we all cope for as long as we did without the music of Adele? 'Hello' has only been out a short few weeks and already it's broken world records, has God knows how many Internet parodies and has undoubtedly resulted in numerous calls to many, many exes worldwide. Dammit Adele, what are you doing to us?

The singer's long awaited new album 25 is out on Friday, when we will get plenty of brand-spanking-new Adele songs to keep us going, but for now, here's your first preview of her next single called 'When We Were Young'.

It sounds to be yet another tearjerker of a power ballad that we will all inevitably butcher whilst driving or the like forever more.

Head to about the 1.25 mark below to get a listen to your new favourite song.

Get ready for the goosebumps...