Ugh, you can't have a gig in Dublin without someone making a big deal of the Moore St. traders, can you?

Sure enough, One Direction's Harry Styles felt the need to break out his own version of Mrs. Brown with his 'THREE FIR A YUUUUUROOOO' schtick whilst everyone screamed their heads off.

Meanwhile, later in the show, Styles and Horan had their usual back-and-forth of 'What's the craic, lad?' that everyone equally lost their shit over.

Personally, if they're going to do Dublin accents, we'd like to them to talk about how they're gonna batter Zayn Malik when they see him, just f*ckin' glass the prick, yeah?

Not nasal enough, nowhere near as convincing as it could be and your posture is all wrong. 2 / 10, would not Dublin again.

Don't worry, they've got two more nights to get it right so here's hoping tonight's a better shout.


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