To say Hozier has been the up and up for a while now would be a massive understatement, but after today it's safe to say he's going to be known to a much wider audience as Ed Sheeran just covered him in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and shared said video with all 19 million of his social media followers.

Putting aside the fact that Ed Sheeran looks like he escaped the celluloid on Peter Jackson's latest fantasy feature, his voice doesn't really have the same depth and tone that Hozier's does and he really didn't try and change it up at all, going for a pretty bog-standard cover version that you'd hear on any open mic night (which compared with Hozier's Arctic Monkeys cover is quite a bland offering) so we're going to give this a pass rating.

Andrew Byrne has nothing to be worried about. Except impending global stardom.