Most of us have been at a gig where you're so into it that it's impossible not to get caught up in the moment and lose yourself in the music. (Maaaan.)

That was the case in a bar in Nashville on Friday night, when resident band the Don Kelley Band were playing a set.

During the song 'Ghost Riders in the Sky', drummer Stan Saxon was so immersed in the moment that when he stood up to really kick out the jams, he ended up falling out the window.

An eyewitness told News Channel 5: "All of a sudden there was a loud crash, and the drummer comes flying through the window — and with him, his snare drum."

By all accounts, Stan was grand afterwards, apart from an injured rib. What's more, he even returned to the stage and finished the set afterwards. What a trooper.

Watch the footage below: 

Via Uproxx