By now, Adele has left us in no doubt about her feelings for Beyoncé.

Not only did she give Queen Bey a shout-out in her recent Grammys speech after beating her to the 'Album of the Year' award, but she's generally been open about her adoration of her fellow pop star.

Now, she's gone one step further by doing an impromptu skit of her during her Australian tour.

Crouching down to get the full benefit of an air fan on the stage, she took advantage of her locks being blown around. "The fan right here is saving my life," she said, before going into a series of 'Crazy In Love' style 'Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh-ohs', adding “I don’t know how [Beyoncé] does it, even just squatting down then. How does she do it?".

Her band then joined in with a beat as she did a bit of distinctly un-Beyoncé headbanging.

Watch it below: