Is nothing sacred anymore?

When a classic Queen song can be reworked in honour of James Corden, you know that something's amiss - but that's exactly what happened on the British TV host's show last night.

Corden was marking his 50th show as host of 'The Late Show' and his musical guest was current Queen frontman Adam Lambert - who, if you'll remember, guitarist Brian May called 'a gift from God' earlier this year.

Lambert changed the words of one of Queen's best-known songs 'We Are the Champions' to "He is James Corden, my friends / And he’ll host the 'Late Show' till the end / He is James Corden, he is James Corden / This is the 'Late Show' and he is James Corden…of the World!"

Well, we don't quite know what to make of it, but see for yourselves below: