Enjoyable Sunday night viewing or the last word in naff? Well, the public have voted with their remotes - and made You're A Star the most popular Irish music programme by some distance. Hardly surprising, then, that RTE has decided to cash in by releasing a CD of performances from this year's finalists. By now, we're all familiar with the winner Chris Doran, whose 'If The World stops Turning' seems, to these ears at least, to lack the X-factor required of a Eurovision poll-topper. It's still a good, lightweight pop song, though and there are plenty of others here from such valiant runners-up as James Kilbane, Jean Elliot and George Murphy (whose Luke Kelly impersonation on 'Raglan Road' is quite uncanny). Elsewhere, polite cover versions of The Beatles, Sting and Neil Diamond make for pleasant, if undemanding listening. You're A Star has certainly produced up plenty of likeable kids with decent singing voices. Whether it's come up with any genuine 'stars', however, is a bit more doubtful.