The word 'alternative' is always a dangerous one to apply to music. All too often it's used as an excuse for songs without tunes, decent lyrics or anything else to recommend them. In the case of this compilation of Irish bands, chosen by Today FM's Tom Dunne, 'alternative' apparently means the songs are the ones that define the act in question, not necessarily their greatest hit. To be honest it's probably best not to analyse this too deeply - just enjoy the trip down nostalgia lane. Most of the obvious suspects are here, including U2, Thin Lizzy, The Boomtown Rats and Sinead O'Connor. But the generously endowed 37-track collection also includes plenty of half-forgotten gems from the likes of Microdisney, Whipping Boy and The Stars of Heaven. There's even an obscure single from The Nips, Shane MacGowan's short-lived band from the punk era. The odd dud crops up here and there, of course - but everyone will have their own opinion as to which ones they are.