It always looks a bit vain when a DJ selects a load of his favourite tunes, sticks them on an album and puts his own name on the cover. Still, Dave Fanning has been around for so long, a little vanity project is the least he's entitled to. The art of a good compilation is not just choosing good songs, it's getting the balance right - and on this count, Fanning has done a pretty good job. There's some old reliables here (U2, Elvis Costello, John Lennon), some indie stalwarts (Pixies, Suede, the Cure) and a few of today's biggest acts just to prove that Dave hasn't lost touch with the kids (Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol). And with around half of the tracks coming from Irish acts, Fanning can't be accused of letting the home side down either. If you've been looking for a foolproof Christmas present for the music fan in your life, you can call off the search now.