What's this? Van Morrison actually doing something as uncool as having a laugh? Well, no need to panic - the guffaws are all over and done with in the first verse of the title track on What's Wrong With This Picture?, after which it's back to the familiar litany of moaning and groaning from the most famous misery-guts in rock'n'roll. To be fair, this is one of his better musical efforts in recent years, a competent blend of blues and jazz arrangements that hark back to the golden days of R&B legends T-Bone Walker and Big Joe Turner. Lyrically, however, it's a mess - by now everyone must know what the Belfast bard thinks of the fame game, and we certainly don't need these sour, graceless songs to ram his grouchy attitude down our throats. Whether he realises it or not, Van Morrison - in his day, a truly great talent - is stuck in a rut. The sooner he hauls himself out of it, the better for all of us.