U2's 360˚ Tour has been named 'best stage show of 2009' at the Total Production International Awards, voted for by the stage crews themselves.

The controversial show was criticised for its gargantuan level of carbon emissions, as well as being fined for noise pollution here in Dublin. None of that bothered the fans though, who were delighted by the show's set up, including its now famous 360˚ rotating stage.

TPI Magazine's editor-in-chief Mark Cunningham "It is a massive engineering feat - from scenery to video to audio, with the biggest PA system that has ever been seen on a tour ... It's a fantastic achievement and the four members of U2 are effectively the icing on the cake."

U2 are currently working on new material for the follow up to 'No Line On The Horizon'. The Edge told Entertainment Weekly, "We are working on a lot of new songs. Some of them are really, really happy. We’re convinced that we have something really special ... We are experimenting with a lot of different arrangements, and electronic is one of the things we are playing with. But there are other songs that are very traditional, almost folk. In some ways, that’s the thing we haven’t figured out yet, is where this album is going to end up".