Rapper Azealia Banks hit the headlines yesterday after a Twitter spat with former One Direction member Zayn Malik. Well, by 'spat', we mean a tirade of abusive, homophobic and racist comments that came after Banks accused Malik of plagiarising her with his new video 'Like I Would'. (Like he would, though? Sorry.)

Following a few passive aggressive tweets from Malik, which he since denied were about Banks, the rapper went off on one with some cutting insults that nobody will be forgetting anytime soon. Banks has since released a statement regarding the incident, although notably did not apologise for it, saying; "Resisting The Urge to say loads more terrible things to each and every one of u's. But obviously I'm insanely fucking talented and have already lowered myself to the levels of ppl who don't even deserve to share the same".

Twitter has since suspended Banks' account, as is well within its rights, if they find a user with "abusive tweets or behavior".

Yesterday Rinse FM’s Born & Bred Festival in London announced it had cancelled the rapper's upcoming headline performance too.

So yeah... the road to redemption may be a long one for Azealia after this debacle.