If ever a band deserved a Singles collection, it's Travis. The likeable Glaswegians have produced a steady run of chart hits ever since their emergence as Oasis proteges in 1997 - along with a steady run of patchy albums that you'll rarely feel the need to listen to from start to finish. So this 17-track long-player (literally all killer, no filler) really is the only Travis CD you'll ever need. It's all here, from the gutsy rock of their earliest releases ('All I Want To Do Is Rock', 'U-16 Girls') to the wistful indie ballads ('Driftwood', 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me?') that made them, briefly, the coolest band in Britain. Critics might complain that the band's recent efforts lack bite, and they'd certainly have a point. But let's not carp - for the most part, this is honest, homespun, heartfelt music with such old-fashioned virtues as tunes you can whistle and lyrics that make perfect sense. Long may they continue.