To coin a phrase, Todd Rundgren is mad as hell and he's not going to take it any more. In the humble opinion of the man who's produced everyone from Meatloaf to Hall + Oates, the world today is full of liars - and he's used his first solo album for over a decade to name and shame the lot of them. So, everyone from religious charlatans to George Bush is taken to task on this blistering collection of angry diatribes, often at exhausting length. But even if you don't like being hectored, never mind - just sit back and enjoy Rundgren the consummate pop craftsman. Everything from nu-metal to ambient electronica is on show here, topped off by snarling vocals and a satisfyingly huge production. Liars is a perfect illustration of why Rundgren is considered one of the music world's most treasured mavericks - let's just hope it doesn't take another ten years before we hear from him again.