Now that so many DJ's are becoming as famous as the stars they produce, it's hardly surprising that some of them want to stop sharing the credit and start making albums of their own. German techno stylist Timo Maas is the latest knob-twiddler to follow in the footsteps of Fatboy Slim, having made his name through remixing work for everyone from Madonna to Placebo. Unfortunately, the result is a confusing mix of electronic genres that throws up a few exciting moments but largely fails to set the pulse racing. Maas is certainly not lacking in versatility, turning his hand to everything from massive, pounding 80s-style beats to chill-out mood pieces, but for the most part there's far more perspiration than inspiration. Only on the eerie 'Help Me', which features an unforgettably spooky vocal from Kelis against a whiny theremin backdrop, does the mix feel exactly right. On the whole, nothing to shout about.