Once upon a time, Tim Booth and Morrissey were leaders of the two most successful bands in Manchester. Now they both find themselves trying to launch solo comebacks on the same record label - and while the ex-Smiths man is getting all the plaudits, the former James singer has produced an album that's actually just as good. Recorded in a Brighton bedroom, Bone is a low-key effort that's still stamped all over with Booth's rather intense personality. Some will be put off by his quasi-mystical, self-regarding lyrics, while old James fans will be disappointed that these electro-tinged jams bear little resemblance to the baggy-pop of 'Sit Down'. One listen to the spine-tingling ballad 'Discover', however, should be proof enough that Booth hasn't yet lost his knack for penning a great tune. If you want some quality navel-gazing from an old indie hero - and the Mozzer album just isn't enough - then look no further.