If there's any truth to the saying 'There are two types of people in the world: those who are Irish, and those who want to be Irish', then you can firmly count New Zealand musician Mikaela Dewar in the latter camp.

The little-known Kiwi artist has caused quite a stir on Twitter over the last day or two, since her song 'I Wanna Be Irish' was uploaded to YouTube, even though it dates from her 2004 album 'Overdressed.'

In fairness, it's not that surprising that someone from the other side of the world wants to be Irish; we are pretty great, after all. However, some of Dewar's lyrics are more than a little cringeworthy and even err on the side of offensive stereotypes, with references to the IRA alongside the usual cliches of drinking whiskey and 'working in the factories'.

In fact, it sounds like Dewar has never actually been to Ireland and has learned everything she knows about the place from watching Darby O'Gill or the like.

Some choice lyrics include:

"There's always a joke and a friendly face / Your only worry is the I.R.A."

"I wanna be Irish, have the luck of the Irish / Drink my Guinness, dance a jig / All night long, not feel a thing."

"There's peace in the streets, there's shamrocks in the grass / The Pogues rule the airwaves, and there's Riverdance"


This has the potential for Rebecca Black-style fame written all over it. Of course, it could all be a complete spoof, in which case we doff our hat to Mikaela Dewar for trolling an entire nation.

From her official website:

"Soulful acoustic artist Mikaela Dewar hails from Christchurch, New Zealand. She has been playing music practically her whole life. She started playing her dad's old guitar at 7 and was gigging by 9. Mikaela's music fuses blues, jazz & old-school country and she can't help but swing whatever she sings."

But don't take our word for it - hear it for yourself below: 


H/T: Darragh Doyle