The Walls have balls. And not just because they are men, or because it rhymes - though both of these apply. The Walls have balls because no matter what life throws at them, they just keep on keeping on. Due to various mishaps the guys have had to start from scratch more times than I've been late for work. Yes, that many. Yet they always do it and do it well. On this, their second album, the band have managed to put together a coordinated selection of tracks in which their strongest points are utilised. The result is a solid and enjoyable album that is well-produced and engaging. It's Meat and Veg music: the riffs are uplifting, the choruses are catchy and subtler tracks, such as Black and Blue and Birthday Girl, definitely have a place in this reviewers' black heart. Already popular among the commercial sector (yes, that patronising AIB advert) New Dawn Breaking should get plenty of deserved radio play and put this hardworking band back where they belong - bringing down the house, as well as holding up the ceiling. The Stunning? No way, this is more of a first time buyers' investment.