Talk about difficult second album syndrome! When The Vines released their superb debut Highly Evolved two years ago, they were quite simply the most exciting rock band in the world. Their psychedelic punk buzzed with a manic energy, while their frontman Craig Nicholls was so out of control, there was a sense that he was capable of anything. All of which makes this follow-up one of the biggest disappointments of the year so far. The fact that all the songs date back to 2001 suggests that the creative well has run dry, and this suspicion is confirmed when you actually hear them. Cruising along on autopilot, the Australians simply sound thoroughly bored with their own music - a feeling that's soon shared by their unfortunate listeners. Nicholls and co have charisma to burn, and if they get their act together, they could still be massive stars. But on the evidence of this monumental anti-climax, they've got an awful lot more evolving to do.