So they've taken the world by storm since the release of their debut album Is This It in 2001. Since the loss of their musical virginity, The Strokes have repeated their catchy, 3 minute punk rock formula, varying it only slightly to keep us engaged/purchasing. And for some reason we've fallen for it. Their second album Room On Fire seemed to adhere to the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' mantra which has served many a boy band well; however, thanks to their phenomenal live shows, laid back attitude and obvious street cred' [I can't believe I used it either, folks] the five New Yorkers did it again (and again: 'oops!'). So what about this effort, have they pushed themselves in new directions, used their wealth and fame to bring in an orchestra, taken several years off to read poetry in a forest and return with a concept album? In a word: no. However, everything that is likeable about the band is present and correct: occasional, memorable choruses (which, while only an inch deep, are a mile wide), mostly forgettable but appealing guitar riffs and a mildly evocative sense of omnipresent accomplishment (think U2/World Domination, if you will). They could probably repeat this approach to music making, just as they loop their keyboard tracks, for another album; but really that's just over-milking. The Strokes are a garage band for the masses, but is this an achievement in itself? Perhaps it doesn't warrant thinking too much about. With First Impressions of Earth, Casablancas and boys remain 'I like this one' party music.