The Spinto Band is a six-strong collective from Wilmington, Delaware, and their debut album is bloody good. There. That should be all you need to know, but of course, I'd be out of a job if I didn't elaborate. The barely-out-of-high-school band formed after singer/guitarist Nick Krill found songs in his attic that were written by his grandfather, guitarist Roy Spinto. Although the comparisons with the current influx of avant-garde specialists - Arcade Fire, CYHSY (you know the drill, basically anyone who worships at the Altar of Byrne) have already begun, The Spinto Band, like Wolf Parade, plough a slightly varied furrow to those mentioned. Opener Did I Tell You could be Hot Hot Heat conspiring with Kings of Leon; and those robust, dirty riffs and jerky vocals remain evident throughout. There's something for every calibre of indie fan here; a slew of short, snappy and brazenly joyful pop songs with an eerie slant (Brown Boxes, So Kind Stacy); swinging 60s gems with Beach Boys harmonies (Direct To Helmet, Mountains) and edgy indie-pop that Brendan Benson or Stephen Malkmus would be envious of (Late).The clear winner though is the sublime Oh Mandy; an intro that would make Belle & Sebastian proud, twisted, lovelorn lyrics and a stomping melody that all the kids will be humming this summer. Something tells me that Grandpa Spinto would be proud.