After over a decade as one of Ireland's most loved but least fashionable bands, the Saw Doctors have more than earned the right to take a bit of a creative breather. So, while the lads from Tuam ponder their future direction, fans will just have to make do with their first ever concert release. Live In Galway does exactly what it says on the tin, featuring all the familiar hits ('N17', 'I Useta Love Her', 'To Win Just Once'), lashed out with pure joy in front of an ecstatic home crowd. Listening to what was obviously a great night (like all live albums, it makes you wish you'd been there), you're struck by just how many great tunes these likeable lads have produced over the years - and how their unashamedly down to earth approach makes most other bands seem superficial by comparison. Devoted fans should probably go for the DVD version, which includes an excellent 50-minute documentary featuring tributes from such fellow West of Ireland celebrities as John Waters and Michael D Higgins.