Seven Stabs is TRM's 4th album and harks back to their slightly heavier sound, as apparent on their 2002 debut Thirty Six Strings. Seven Stabs arguably eclipses that masterpiece of guitar driven rock with 7 tracks, each beautifully crafted with building crescendos, quirky off beat rhythms and a genuinely well laid out album. As goes with The Redneck's instrumental sound, the lack of vocals are more than made up for with the guitar melodies and counter-melodies. Ranging from the very light and catchy opening track, It's Song Time, through the heavier Uno Dos Capos and Seven Stabs, to the dreamy Eld Panter and No One Plans Even, the album finishes on a high with a good old fashioned rock out on Play It By Arm which disappears off into the ether with swirling phased guitar and synth. If you like tight, rhythmic, well constructed instrumental music, this album is definitely for you. If you need vocals to get your aural juices flowing, it might just be a stab in the dark.