Believe it or not, I've had this EP in my possession for a number of months; it's taken me this long to get around to reviewing it. Aside from the fact that I'm naturally lazy, there is a valid excuse. Monsters and I EP is simply one of those refreshing records that you enjoy living with so much you forget how it came to be in your possession. The Rags, a sextet hailing from the northside of Dublin (no Aslan jokes please) have been described as 'the best new Irish band in years'...'early Radiohead meets Doves'... 'perfect'...well, you get the picture. While there is more than a touch of Yorke and co. on Monsters and I - particularly in lead singer Danny Anderson's tender vocal style and range - The Rags subscribe to a much more subtle approach than the rousing anthems of Doves or the cleverer-than thou experimental throes of Radiohead. Each track is cleverly crafted to demonstrate the full range of emotion in the Rags' cannon; there's frailty (Winter Wounds), fiery passion (Strawberry Bed), a singalong anthem made for summer festivals (You Decide To Come Alive) and undoubtedly one of the best Irish songs I've heard in years (Monsters and I). It's glaringly apparent that The Rags have a penchant for writing quality indie pop song - and as long as they keep doing exactly that, they'll justify the adulation they've received from critics thus far. This is a good start.