It's now almost a decade since their hardcore singles 'Firestarter' and 'Smack My Bitch Up' made the Prodigy one of the most controversial bands in the world. In that time, frontman Liam Howlett seems to have had a bit of a crisis of confidence, ditching both an entire album's worth of material as well as his regular vocalists Keith Flint and Maxim. Created largely on Howlett's laptop computer, this belated follow-up to The Fat of the Land is a curiously underwhelming effort, mixing patches of brilliance with long stretches of uninspired techno jams. Essentially it's a collection of offputtingly angry electro-funk beats, wandering around in search of some decent songs - which are sadly in painfully short supply. Liam Gallagher and Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis make welcome guest appearances, but they sound like they're battling against the material rather than singing along with it. Not worth the wait, basically.